Veterinary use endoscope

  • VET-6000P Portable USB vet endoscope 1500mm option

    VET-6000P Portable USB vet endoscope 1500mm option

    ● VET-6000P Portable USB vet endoscope is the preferred endoscope equipment for pet hospital and clinic users, which is suitable for observation, diagnosis and treatment of small animals such as cats, dogs, penguins, sheep, pigs, etc;

    ● The color charge converging device with 1,000,000 pixels ultra-high resolution and high sensitivity enables you to enjoy highly restored image quality and truly reflect the clear image and perfect color of cell tissue.and it supports continuous image freezing and picture-in-picture display, and is equipped with two USB interfaces to make it easier to take photos, video and record operation information

    ● We have been committed to the production and research and development of endoscope since 1998, and the product coverage in the field of animal medicine in China is as high as 70%,as our clients excellent quality, professional service and fast delivery.